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NEW ALBUM Fishing in the Field, 13 songs / OUT17 June on ZIP RECORDS (also A Balladeer, SnowApple, Jelka van Houten, Kensington) AVAILABLE then in record stores and through digital channels / see music



Here you can find more on On This Ground. OnThis Ground is the first album that is released on the label Sibyl Sings

  Click to see a videomade by Julyen Hamilton with the song This Way, as released on On This Ground!

EP – pour me sweet – lily kiara
out May 2012

a small collection of home grown and live recordings

more info here

The EPs pour me sweet and SOUTH are only available through Lily Kiara and at live concerts.

With her solo performance Moving South in March 2006, Lily released an EP SOUTH with 5 songs and poems. SOUTH is a small selection of material that is part of the piece.



chest &
dancing bear
palace & this way