"A task of poetry is to make audible (tangible but not necessarily graspable) those dimensions of the real that cannot be heard as much as to imagine new reals that have never before existed. "
- Charles Bernstein, A Poetics

“When we write, we offer the silence as much as the story. Words are the part of silence that can be spoken.” – Jeanette Winterson

"Never lie. Never say that something has moved you if you are still in the same place." - Jeanette Winterson

photo: Widya Ayu Kusumawardani, Java, 2018  

Lily Kiara has been making dance performances since 1989. They are solo pieces as well as different kinds of collaborations. and several group pieces. Often she works with musicians who perform live on stage. Each dance project has its own set of elements, which can include text and/or songs. All bring the imagination directly into the manifestation of the piece. Yet currently the core of her work has been tuned into the dance itself, radically stripping the space from any other element, object, sound. (more about her current long time project Field of Disappearance).She has an ongoing collaboration with lighting designer Ellen Knops since 1995.

She has a continuous interest in finding the specific and many areas between cruelty and refinement in dealing with artistic choices. An ongoing project underlying all other projects and performances is 'Singing to Use the Waiting', working with stillness and urgency. The layeredness that comes along with this, is basis of her daily training and compositional practise. This attention in her training serves her vision to embody the refinement and layeredness in the first place, before anything else, to support, enhance and direct the composition from the layeredness in the dancing body. Practising a responsive self is prior to the aesthetic; aesthetic voice evolves from the authentic vocabulary in the work and compositional study. The performance space supports the exposing of the performers and the piece. There is nowhere to hide or to gloss over that would go unnoticed.

Each performance is approached as a poem. It is created along ways, where spontaneity and the assembling mind work together. Stillness and listening are at the heart of the work.
The revealing of the 'space of time' happens through direct action of the perceptive body in the making and in the serving of the piece; that what is present exposing what is absent. Making the intangible seem tangible by the dancing body. This while honoring the mystery of the dance and letting that live its own life.
Each piece is instantly composed in the moment of performing. Choreography with the time of decision taking place in the performance itself. Each time a piece is performed, it reveals a different side and layer of that specific project. It includes then both its original ground and the accuracy of its life in the moment of creating on the stage.
You can find some recorded material, so far mostly posted by others, on my vimeo page. You can go to Projects for current work. For more info on my bio, see Lily Kiara or please write to me for an extensive CV. Thank you.
“…Kiara has a clear voice, pleasant to listen to. Her story sounds truthful, not artificially studied. Her texts contain poetic jewels. Sometimes the story is interchanged with dance, other times words simultaneously illustrate her gestures… The performance excels in vulnerable intimate scenes…”
(about SAYA IKAN / I AM A FISH) Jimat Pelupessy, October 2012

“…It’s about a drift away from artwork that is aiming for aesthetic form towards direct contact with the audiences, uniqueness, rawness and spontaneity…”
(about solo Moving South) In: Teatteri 5/06  by Eeva Kauppinen, Finland, Autumn 2006

 “...Moving South is a solo in which virtuosic artist Lily Kiara combines  the different elements dance, music and text in appropriate proportions...”                       
In: Tiedonantaja, 4 August 2006, Finland


© photo top: Sara Anke Morris (Towards Disappearance, 2017) © Photo bottom: Patrick Beelaert (SAYA IKAN, 2013)