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On This Ground is the first cd that is produced by Sibyl Sings.


Lily Kiara reveals ‘multitude of raw emotions’ on ‘On This Ground’

- Sabrina Tinsay, Overground Underground

video by Julyen Hamilton

interview with 3VOOR12/Amsterdam (in Dutch)

..."With On This Ground she delivers a strong album that deserves to be listened to attentively, and yet also can well be played on the background."... 

Brechtje Keulen, 3VOOR12Amsterdam/VPRO


AVAILABLE - also through digital distribution

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photo impression of 18 January concert

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..."Her new album sees her mix poetry and songs to great effect."...

..."Lily Kiara has made a lovely album that deserves a lot of attention."...

Anna Maria Stjärnell,


On This Ground 2nd full solo album of Lily Kiara

feat. guests Felicity Provan, cornet
and Andy Moor, electric guitar (the EX)



total 57:03

cradle me *   lyrics    * mp3
new day *mp3           
this way               
smile  *mp3                  
inside of this      
lost and found    
perfect cloud     
gabriel *    lyrics              
promised land   
still there             
what’s the time   
on this ground * mp3 lyrics    

(c) drawings: katrina brown, cover photo: julyen hamilton

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* Overground Underground; US review

* 3VOOR12/Amsterdam/VPRO

* MusicFrom.NL

* De Recensent.NL



..."In tone, especially in the songs where there are different layers of her voice, Kiara comes close to Tristan Prettyman and Ani DiFranco."...

Brechtje Keulen, 3VOOR12Amsterdam/VPRO

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