I N D O N E S I A  

On this page I place some images that I come across or make during the process of creating


They are images related to Indonesia in some way. They are of my family and of my travel and training in Indonesia in 2003.

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My grandmother in 1921. Indonesia at the time was called Nederlands-Indie, it has been a Dutch colony for about 350 years.

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At Sukuh Temple

My teacher Pak Suprapto Suryodarmo. Most of the time we worked with the two of us. Sometimes he left me alone on the land to work/dance and he would come back in two hours or so. In the last days we also worked with musicians and dancers at Lemah Putih, the land at Mojosongo village (close to Solo/Surakarta); at Sukuh Temple; and in a musician's house in another small village. On the last night we drove to Miroto's Studio in Yokyakarta, in a small van packed with dancers in the pouring rain of the rainy season. The road was pitch black. The dance was exhilarating.


With dancers in Yokyakarta, studio of Martinus Miroto

Interview with Bengawan Pos, Solo, 29 November 2003. At 7:30 AM...