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The King

I am a woman and I’ll tell you where I’ve been
at fifteen I met the king
that’s when I left my country 7 years ago
he decided I was gonna be his 5th wife - but I said no

Every year he takes a virgin to enhance his life
he keeps them all imprisoned and calls them wives
his palaces are mainly walls
and once a year they get a treat to a US shopping mall

So here I am in Birmingham
and I’m hoping to stay
here I am in a foreign land
but I stand unafraid

Here’s where my mother came when she escaped
from a man who believed it was a woman’s fate
that it has always been and will always be
to be beaten, to be bait and to obey

But our bodies scream it’s never too late
and so once a week I go out and demonstrate
‘cause the king is king and that should change
the crown is getting old and the people should reign

So here we are in Birmingham
and we’re hoping to stay
here we are in a foreign land
but we stand unafraid

I am a woman and I’ll tell you of what I dream
I wanna be nobody’s queen
the king is in the emperor’s clothes – alone
and then he’s gone – we’ve thrown his throne


© Lily Kiara