the king bows to the queen
knees knocking on wood
awakening and greeting
the awaiting beasts
under hardboard and marble
growling with concealed excitement

the queen bows to the king
who opens doors
with thousand arms
head to softening feet
in deep reverence
to his crown of words
detailed in their spaces
of endless insights

they meet
again and again
through the heights of the waters
which surround them
let them flow
heart to heart
arriving to where
their eyes see the same horizon
from different points on the land
where their feet are strong enough
to stand
and where they live
all that is being made
where the levelling
supports the revelling
of each poem

and the peas
they are rocking and they are rolling
and all of them are seen and tasted
as they serve the stock of songs

they walk beside each other
with a new swing of veneration
delighted honoured privileged
in awe
and the room clears
as the words distil
into what seems so silent
until it becomes
absolute stillness

they simply keep walking
humbled by the immense radiance
of the kingdom
which appears
behind the open palace doors
and where

they dance
they dance
they dance


©lily kiara

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