On this page you can find links to different projects, both currently being performed or in development, and projects created in recent years. Each link brings you to a page with further details on the chosen project. If you wish to receive more information, please contact Lily Kiara at Stg. Sibyl Sings. Thank you.
Field of Disappearance (work title) * My current solo dance project
USA Tour 2017 * Music tour with Jimmy Robinson (New Orleans), from New Louisiana to New York
Field of Reciprocity * An exchange project tuning into subjects of current individual questions around performance, culture and decolonization in Bali, Indonesia
The Field Tour / USA 2016 * USA Album Tour Fishing In The Field, July 2016 / West Coast & Southern States
Nobody's Here

* reading concerts, poetry and songs, with poet Laressa Dickey

The SWIM SESSIONS - CD * Live CD of concert by The RIVER in Amsterdam Bimhuis, as part of the mini series The SWIM SESSIONS

* Trio with dance (Ana Leonor Ladas & Lily Kiara) and live music (Ab Baars)

ISC USA Tour 2015 * International Songwriters Collective on Tour - East Coast of USA - June 2015
SAYA IKAN / IK BEN EEN VIS/ I AM A FISH * Full length performance (NL / ENG) Nominated for 'Best touring dance performance' in Austin, TX, USA, 2012-2013
S i n g i n g t o u s e t h e w a i t i n g * ongoing investigative dance project on stillness and urgency
Still (oewaaa) * dance, live music and lights, for audience from 2 years and on (ENG /NL)
YURT * literary - music programme with very short story writers Paul Abels and Marc Fabels, and singer-songwriter Lily Kiara
TALK TO ME * duet with dance & text by Julyen Hamilton and Lily Kiara
ROZENWATER / Het Groenste Gras * 20 min. pieces, made for specific contexts, 2010 (NL)
* series performances with one returning trio and guest artists 2009/2010
* solo with dance, text and songs by Lily Kiara 2006-2009

Have you seen the horizon lately?

Sit. Feast on your Life.

* 2 solos with and for other dancers / made in Australia and Finland

Silent Song


* 2 collaborations in: Greece, Sweden
residencies * working periods with different artists in several countries
(recent) archive * other projects in recent past years
* participation in pieces by other makers
for info & booking you can contact: Sibyl Sings