S i n g i n g t o u s e t h e w a i t i n g

d a n c e p r o j e c t


This project is ongoing and from it, have come performances that i have given titles of their own, specifically SAYA IKAN. As i have tuned into this work i have not written on the blog anymore, or here. But i am 'singing to use the waiting' and when the time is right, I will write again here... (March 2014)

There is also a blog about this project.

Update 2011: I thought this would be a two year project, but I will continue working with this throughout and underlying other works. I am finding so many things I love and want to learn more about, and further more: these subjects, areas of attention, details and specifics seem to be essential to my work. Working with poetry of somebody else seems to somehow strongly support my own poetics. The beginning of the process has been a pilgrims' journey of 800 km. to Santiago de Compostela in September 2009.

A project on stillness and urgency, through the use of poems by Jorie Graham, called Evolution. I lately have been calling some of my work The Activism of Silence.

The title of the piece Singing to use the waiting derives from an essay about the poetry of Jorie Graham and Emily Dickinson, by Thomas Gardner. It comes from a line in one of Emily Dickinson’s poems, in which stillness is approached as a kind of waiting. In this ‘waiting’ anything could happen. I see it as a moment of suspension and tension, an exciting magic moment, also of expectation; all can collapse, be lost and fall apart, or aliveness thrives through events of any kind, precise through the body’s accuracy. How can the audience be invited into this space of time, as a stillness in which anything can take place? What happens there?

What happens in the 'waiting'? I approach these happenings, occasions, situations as times. So much seems to be happening, often with a sense of urgency to be happening or to be brought to action, and yet there is always stillness.

The 'singing' as time, the 'waiting' as stillness in which time happens.

As part of Singing to use the waiting I plan to perform 'Study Performances' of the piece for audiences in studios and other venues, to offer myself direct feedback in the immediacy of performing. During this year these performances are treated as full performances, other than as 'works in progress' even as they derive from this work in progress and are part of this making. Through the directed 'Study Performances', I can break the piece down even before it is fully made. Each ‘Study Performance ’ can entail one or more layers and aspects of the whole piece and intend to give me insight about whether or how they could live in the piece Singing to use the waiting.

At this stage, a few of the # Study Performances I plan to do are: # Still Happening(s) (with musician Michael Vatcher); # i found a reason (with musician Felicity Provan), # Evolution Poems, # Prose Project (with writer Michiel klein Nulent). Dates and places will be announced on this page and on the performance page.

Singing to use the waiting / # Daisy 's Visit, are short pieces, in which i am working with elements of the Evolution Poems by Jorie Graham.

For further information, please contact me at: info@lilykiara.nl

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# Performances:

* 13 August 2011 , Studio Seven, Amsterdam, NL

Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish, solo

* 21 July 2011, Tanzfabrik, Berlin, DE

Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish, this time with musician Hilary Jeffery (trombone)

* 2 January 2011, Freistil, Tanzfabrik, Berlin, DE

Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish

* 23 July 2010, Tanzfabrik, Studio, Berlin, DE

Singing to use the waiting / # Daisy 's Visit

* 2 July 2010, 20:30, Muiderpoorttheater, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, Amsterdam, NL. Reservations: +31(0)20 668 1313

Singing to use the waiting / # Still Happening (s), with Michael Vatcher (percussion) and Singing to use the waiting / # i found a reason, with Felicity Provan (text)

* 12 June 2010 , 20:00, Salon des Mots, Atelier de Werkvloer, Brigittenstraat 7, Utrecht, NL

Singing to use the waiting / # Daisy 's Visit

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