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Tuning into dance technique and the creative process simultaneously through the use of imagery, designed to enhance expansion and strength with efficiency and ease. 

Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT)™ is an innovative approach to dance and movement training, developed by Joan Skinner. It is designed to ease tension by promoting effortless moving and integrated dynamic alignment of the whole self. The teaching strongly draws on guided imagery and hands-on partner studies, supporting an experiential understanding of both the technical and the creative process in movement. There is an ongoing fine tuning in allowing ourselves to consciously fall into unknown creative territories. It engages many layers that are involved when we dance and create, inside as well as outside.
Softening, noticing and allowing are some of the main areas of practice in Skinner Releasing (other than release), that support action into newness. Softening supports the releasing of strength through efficiency and responsiveness. Allowing encourages listening, to one's own dancing first. This way we can become more available. In the technical work and in creating dances, directing and allowing are side by side, as are stillness and action, receptivity and fierceness.

Joan Skinner says: “Letting go is a discipline”. It is a continuous practice, and so we are practising.

SRT is different from what has come to be known under the name 'Release Technique' in several ways. To name a few:

* It is process oriented, releasing other than release. It trains dancers to be deeply in touch with their own bodies continuously evolving.
* The alignment is approached as dynamic alignment, also dynamic stillness.
* It brings together technique and creative process through the use of imagery and they way you are working from imagery in class. It is directed to the becoming aware and evolving of your own individual process and imagination.* * Part of the class, you can work with eyes closed to deepen your inner experience of the dance. Integration of inner awarenesses and outer focus is practised, playing with eyes open and closed.
* There is a possibility of transformation through the use of specific imagery inside the body while moving. It is about experiential understanding and when an image or any offering is actually felt in the body, it changes the dancing body.
* A layering of depths throughout one class and throughout a series of classes.

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A first book about SRT is in the making. It is expected to come out end of 2018 or beginning of 2019. I am contributing to the book with a chapter.


photo by © Sara Anke Morris / Lily Kiara in Towards Disappearance