A 45 minute multimedia work for music, dance, film and lights.

Isabelle Vigier – video/film (www.unsounds.com)
Anne La Berge – flutes and electronics (www.annelaberge.com)
Felicity Provan – cornet, vocals and electronics (www.plutones.com)
Lily Kiara – dance (www.lilykiara.nl)
Ellen Knops – lighting design (www.magpiemusicdance.com)

Threads is a partly improvised performance piece, which unites dance, live music, live lighting and image projections.
The piece was created collaboratively by five international women artists based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. These
five women have crossed paths numerous times while working in the areas of improvisation and other performing arts.

They started to work together as a group in 2004 with the desire to dig deeper into the interdisciplinary relationships between their fields, the relationship between improvisation and non-improvisation and to explore the concepts of female identity and gender representation in art. This multi faceted project became the work “Threads”.
First performed at OT301, Amsterdam, in 2004