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7 December, TRUST DANCE COMPANY (Korea) & guests (Lily Kiara: vocals), Maarten Luther Kerk 20:00h. Free entrance/donations welcome, Amsterdam, NL
1 November, Singing to use the waiting, solo performance night in 2 parts: first a dance piece, followed by a set of songs & poetry, 19:30h. Falmouth, England
3 October, Monday Match, curators: Irene van Geest and Robbert van Hulzen, Bimhuis, 20:30h. Amsterdam, NL
13 August, dance, solo, Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish, and trio with Katie Duck (dance), Miri Lee (dance), Lily Kiara (dance), Alfredo Genovesi (electric guitar), Studio Seven, 1e Nassaustraat 7, 20:30h. €3, (limited seats) here more info on the context, Amsterdam, NL
21 July, Singing to use the waiting / # I am a Fish, a dance with text by Lily Kiara, with live music by Hilary Jeffery (trombone), Tanzfabrik (studio), 15:30h, Berlin, Germany
13 July, Songs, with Jan Bell and Will Scott (USA), Jet Lounge, 20:00h. Groen van Prinstererstraat 4 Amsterdam, NL
6 July, Songs & Poems, Full Band!, OT301, doors open 21:00h. start 21:30h. entrance €6, Amsterdam, NL
1 July, AmsterdamFM radio with Joost Buis on trombone and lap steel guitar! 3 songs & interview, 14-15h. Amsterdam, NL
21 May, Momo Unplugged, solo songs, 4 singer/songwriters, see: Studio Momo, Herengracht 377, door opens 20:30h., first set 21:00h. (I play at 23:00h.) entrance free, Amsterdam, NL
20 May, Central Songwriters Guild, live music by many songwriters 18:30-24h., door open at 17h. (I play a short set around 19:30h) LIVE Kultuurhuis Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht, NL.
9 May, Monday Match, dance and music, curated by Giulia Mureddu and Katherina Borneveld (The Ex), all female cast, Bimhuis, 20:30h., entrance free, Amsterdam, NL
13 April, solo songs & poetry, also other artists, Einde van de Wereld, Javakade 61 (, time tba, Amsterdam
10 April, Wonderland, dance/music performance for and with children, OT301, 16:00h. Amsterdam, NL
4 April, solo songs & poetry, also other poets and writers, Cafe Brecht, Weteringschans 157, 20.30h.,Amsterdam
20 March, solo songs & poetry, 16-20h., 't Blijvertje,, also with Erik Jan Harmens, Emanuel Lotsch and Aja Waalwijk Amsterdam, NL
10 March, solo songs, (also playing: Spoonk), opening exhibition new paintings of Martine Pieck, at Podium Mozaiek, 17:00h.( i play between 17-18h) Amsterdam, NL
4 March, solo songs, at 'Cafe Flambe' reserve at, €8 for 3 courses, vegetarian; dinner from 18h. music from about 18:30h. Zaal 100, Amsterdam, NL
17 January, Songs & Poems, whole band!, Zaal 100, band at 21:00h (no reservation necessary), €7 ; for vegetarian Asian dinner before, €8, reserve at Amsterdam, NL
2 January, Singing to use the Waiting/# I am a Fish, solo, 'Documentary Dance', one of several (instant) pieces at Freistil, Tanzfabrik, Studio 1, 18h. €5, Berlin, G
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2 December, songs, with Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals) and Joost Buis (lap steel guitar)! opening for (blues) Duke Garwood, doors open 21h. OT301 Amsterdam
12 November, Rozenwater, solo performance, Masoek Sadja, for Dutch-Indonesian audience, 14-17h. Handweg 117, Amstelveen, NL
7 November, solo songs, Chicks 'n Strings, with Dalal Marouf and Astrid Akse, Cafe Krijg 't (women only), 17-19h. Utrecht, NL

3 November,SUPERNATURE, 1 of 7 short choreographies w. compositions by A. Genovesi,OT301 Amsterdam

16 September, Match Miscellaneous, dancers/musicians, 20:30, €8 Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL
26,27,28 July, Het Groenste Gras, solo songs, dance, text, Theateretappe, Texel, NL
23 July, Singing to use the waiting / Daisy 's Visit, Tanzfabrik, studio, Berlin, G
6,7,8 July, Het Groenste Gras, solo songs, dance, text, Theateretappe, Texel, NL
2 July, Singing to use the waiting / # Still Happening(s) & Singing to use the waiting / # i found a reason; two dance pieces as part of a two year project, 2010 and 2011; dance: Lily Kiara, with Michael Vatcher (percussion), Felicity Provan (vocals), Ellen Knops (lights), Muiderpoorttheater, 20:30, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26, res: +31(0)20 6681313, Amsterdam, NL
12 June, 2 short pieces: Singing to use the waiting / # Daisy 's Visit and Waters poetry & dance, solo, Salon des Mots, Atelier de Werkvloer, Brigittenstraat 7, 20:00h. Utrecht, NL
3 June, Het Groenste Gras, solo songs, dance, text, Theateretappe, Amsterdam Noord, NL
15,16 May, Het Groenste Gras, solo with songs & dance, Theateretappe, Texel, NL
24 April, songs & poetry solo, Leescafe Live, DOK, starts 14h. until about 15:30h. Delft, NL
21,22 April, Still (oewaaa), with Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals) and Ellen Knops (lights), for audiences 2+, Ruutia! Festival, 10 am, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland sold out shows yet cancelled due to flight restrictions and volcanic gods...
14 April, The Rummy Nights, 4th in series, with guests Evelien van den Broek, (vocals, electronics), Noha Ramadan (dance), Emese Csornai (lights) OT301, Amsterdam, NL
13 February, songs & poetry solo, private living room music party, Brussels, B
11 February, songs & poetry, with Felicity Provan!, shared programme with Ana Ladas who will perform a dance piece first, Silent Darkness, with musicians Wilbert de Joode and Yedo Gibson. OT301, 21:00h. €6, Amsterdam, NL
14 January, The Rummy Nights, 3rd in series, with guests Wilbert de Joode (double bass) and Julyen Hamilton (poetry), PuntWG, 20:30h. €5, Amsterdam, NL
8 January, Songs & Poems, full sextet!!, Zaal 100, 20:30h. €5, Amsterdam, NL
8 January, live radio AmsterdamFM, 14-15h. interview and 4 songs, Amsterdam, NL
4 January, Monday Match, Music & Dance, curated by Ana Ladas & Greg Smith, with a.o. Julyen Hamilton, Bimhuis, 20:30h, free entrance, Amsterdam, NL
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17 December, second in series The Rummy Nights, with guest Dana Jessen (bassoon) PuntWG, 20:30h. €5, Amsterdam, NL
22 November, Stil (oewaaa), dance/music/lights for 2+, De Doelen, Rotterdam, NL
19 November, first of new series The Rummy Nights, with guest Marek Jason Isleib, PuntWG, Amsterdam, NL
7 November, Poetry & Songs, w. Julyen Hamilton and Felicity Provan, La Cellule, 8:30, €8, Brussels, Belgium
6 November, Poetry & Songs, w. Julyen Hamilton and Felicity Provan, RTT, 8:30, €5,Brussels, Belgium
16,17, extra performance 19 October, Silent Song, first presentations trio dance piece, Kinitiras, 21:30, €7, Athens, Greece
Thank you very much for visiting the site and this page! I am currently working on new projects and therefore not performing at the moment. Please check in again after the Summer. In the Autumn I will come out again. I look forward to seeing you then!! Lily *
28 May, songs solo , Volta, 20:00, three bands, I play solo, Amsterdam
16 May, songs solo, APDM, bagels, coffee, wine and songs, Brussels, B
11 May, songs solo , OBA Live, Amsterdam, Llink radio, or image via internet 19:00- 21:00
5 April, singer-songwriter night, Lily Kiara with Michael Moore (clarinet, saxophone) and Michael Vatcher (drums), also a few songs with Mat Voorter (vocals) KHL Koffiehuis, tram 10 21:00h. Amsterdam, NL
29 March, with band!! Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals), Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals), Michael Vatcher (drums), Joost Buis (lap steel guitar, trombone), and Mat Voorter sings along, De Kerk, Ruigoord, 16-18h. bus 82 from station Sloterdijk, food afterwards, Amsterdam, NL
20 March, Amsterdam World Book Capitol, songs and poetry, Lily Kiara with Felicity Provan! lots of events that Amsterdam Book Night around 't Spui; we play and read at Waterstone's bookstore, corner 't Spui & Kalverstraat, 21:15-21:45h, Amsterdam, NL
25 January Stil (oewaaa), duet dance & music for children, with Felicity Provan & Lily Kiara, Lights by Ellen Knops Plein Theater 11h. Amsterdam, NL
16 January Talk To Me, duet dance & text with Julyen Hamilton & Lily Kiara, Lights by Ellen Knops Theater De Regentes, 20:30h. The Hague, NL

11 January poetry, songs, music, afternoon melange, Zaal 100, 16h. €5, with Felicity Provan (cornet, voice), Julyen Hamilton (poetry), Michael Moore (clarinet, saxophone), Joost Buis(tbc)(lap steel guitar,trombone), Michael Vatcher (drums), Lily Kiara (poetry, songs) Amsterdam, NL

10 January dance performance, with Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara, Patrick Beelaert, Makiko Ito, Bo Madvig, 20.30h, Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam, NL
7 January Moving South, solo with dance, text, songs, lights by Ellen Knops; then poetry & music with Julyen Hamilton (poetry), Wilbert de Joode (double bass), Lily Kiara (poetry, songs) OT301, Amsterdam, NL
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Moving South in Australia 2008 has been been possible with thanks to and support of: Dancehouse Melbourne, Arts South Australia, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Canberra, STRUTDance, Ausdance and the Netherlands Fund for Performing Arts+



5, 6 December, dance, text & songs, Moving South, Dancehouse, Melbourne, Australia
28, 29 November, dance solo for Billie Cook, Have you seen the horizon lately? Leigh Warren and Dancers Studio, Adelaide, Australia
23 November, Radio Adelaide, Peace of the Action, Adelaide, Australia
20 November, dance, text, songs, solo Moving South, LWD Studio, Adelaide, Australia
15 November, radio Adelaide, Songcatcher, interview and songs, Adelaide Australia
8 November, songs, guest at SCALA night, Joiner's Arms Hotel, Adelaide, Australia
19 October, music and poetry, with Felicity Provan!! 't Blijvertje,16:00 , Amsterdam, NL
5 October, songs, Live in the Living, Culturele Zondag Westerpark, Waterbaan 344 (blok 8), entrance free, door opens 16:45, starts 17:00, after this time no entrance, Amsterdam, NL
28 September, songs & poetry, Salon des mots, Cafe Hofman 20:30, Utrecht, NL
14 September, short pres. Talk To Me (perf 16/01/09) De Regentes, 16:30, The Hague, NL
13 September, songs, School van Frieswijk, also Barbara Breedijk, Schalkhaar, NL
3 September, poetry with musicians/Trytone, Zaal 100, 22:00 Amsterdam, NL
23 June, songs, Salon Lunaire, Restaurant Claes Claesz, Amsterdam, NL
22 June, Gallery poetry & songs , with special guest, Nikki Broos Portret Amsterdam, NL
14 June, songs, with Felicity Provan!!!Fantasio, Amsterdam, NL
13 June, songs, 't Blijvertje, also David Rynhart, Amsterdam, NL
8 June, Wonderland #19, dance/music performance for children, OT301, Amsterdam, NL
24 May, part of The Diva Body, at Melkweg Theater, details soon, Amsterdam, NL
10 May, solo poetry & songs, Festival Vurige Tongen, Galerie Grazyna, 20.30h, Ruigoord, NL
6 May, solo concert songs, SKEK, Zeedijk 4, Amsterdam, NL
22 April, In-Gallery concert poetry & songs, Nikki Broos Portret Amsterdam, NL
12 April, poetry & songs, Sibyl Sings in NYC, The Bowery Poetry Club, New York City, USA
9 April, songs & poetry (open mic night), The Livingroom Lounge, New York City, USA
8 April, songs & poetry (open mic night), Bar 4, New York City, USA
7 April, Silent Song, solo dance work in progress, MR/ Judson Church, New York City, USA
6 April, songs & poetry (open mic night), Pete's Candy Store, New York City, USA
30 March, solo poetry & songs at Salon des Mots, Utrecht, NL
9 March, Wonderland #16 , dance/music performance for children, OT301, Amsterdam, NL
7 March, songs, program with two other bands, Fantasio, Amsterdam, NL
27 February, Songsalive Showcase, Cafe Sappho, Amsterdam, NL
15 February, In-Gallery concert poetry & songs, Nikki Broos Portret Amsterdam, NL
9 February, Stil (oewaaa), duet with dance & music at Festival 2TurvenHoog, Almere, NL
7 February, TALK TO ME, duet with Julyen Hamilton & Lily Kiara, OT301, Amsterdam
18 January, cd release concert On This Ground, concert with poetry and songs, Amsterdam

Salon Lunaire

Acoustic music and words, different artists

23 June 20:15h
Restaurant Claes Claesz,

Egelantiersstraat 24-26, Amsterdam,

Information and reservations at Lasca ten kate: please reserve at restaurant if you’d like to have dinner there before, for only €10: Tel.: 020- 6255306


In(timate)-Gallery concert

a special night with extraordinary artists!
from Montreal/NYC: Jane Gabriels: poetry & poem-songs Fitzgerald Brown : poetry
Lily Kiara: songs, poetry

22 June, 20:30h. reservations necessary:

Nikki Broos Portet Amsterdam
Binnen Bantammerstraat 4 (Nieuwmarkt)

Prins Hendrikkade 142

With Felicity Provan!!! cornet & voice

14 June, starts 20:00h. last chance to experience a great night at Fantasio before it closes.....

see Fantasio on MySpace

't Blijvertje

13 jun 2008, 21:15h
Derde Oosterparkstraat 64-huis, Amsterdam,

Dinner is served at 20:00h, concert starts at 21:15h.

Other musician playing this night is David Rynhart

Wonderland #19

Music and dance performance for children
All ages welcome

With: Michael Schumacher, Lily Kiara, Ito Makiko, Marije Nie, Ivo Bol, Ellen Knops

Sunday 22 June, 16:00h. €4, children free entrance
OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

The Diva Body

24 May, 20:30h, Melkweg Theater

Lectures, performances etc. on the Diva Body and what that might be…
I will bring songs and poetry!

poetry & songs
presentation of Sibyl Sings label in NYC
guest: poet K.J. Holmes

The Bowery Poetry Club
Sat. 12 April, 2-2:30 pm
entrance $7

308 Bowery
F train to Second Ave, or 6 train to Bleecker
New York City

Silent Song
dance solo (work in progress)

Monday 7 April, 8pm
Movement Research at the Judson Church
55 Washington Square South
New York City

Movement Research

poetry & songs

Salon des Mots, international literary podium
full programme with poets, and route at: wordsinhere

Hofman Café, Janskerkhof 17a, Utrecht

30 March, 20:30h. Entrance free.



Wonderland #16

Music and dance performance for children
All ages welcome

Dance: Lily Kiara, Mariangela Tinelli, Alexandra Manasse, Manuela Tessi
Music: Alfredo Genovesi: guitar, Oscar Jan Hoogland: piano, Harald Austbo: cello
Lights: Makiko Ito

16:00h. €4, children free entrance
OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

Songs Solo

Prins Hendrikkade 142
€ 7

starts 20:00h. bar open at 17:00 for drinks and good times

also playing: Wotienke & band, Joosk
see Fantasio on MySpace


Songsalive Showcase

hosted by Marcel Luntungan

Marcel Luntungan
Lily Kiara

other names to be announced

Wednesday 27 February
Café Sappho, Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam
starts 20:00h.!!

In(timate)-Gallery concert

with poetry and songs
by Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara

with special guest, poet: Fitzgerald Brown

15 February, 21:00pm, €7

Nikki Broos Portet Amsterdam
Binnen Bantammerstraat 4

limited seatings! please make reservations at:

Stil (oewaaa)

Festival 2TurvenHoog
Schouwburg Almere, big stage
Sat. 9 February 15h.

Lily Kiara: dance, voice
Felicity Provan: music, voice
Ellen Knops: lights
Photo: Maria Giulia Costa

2 duets: Talk to me & Listen to me

Talk to me

a performance with dance and text
with Julyen Hamilton & Lily Kiara

Listen to me

Felicity Provan: cornet, voice
Joost Buis: trombone, lap steel guitar

OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
7 February
starts 21:00pm



CD release concert On This Ground, Lily Kiara
18 January 2008
Zaal 100, De Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam
21.00pm, €5

Julyen Hamilton, poetry
Michael Moore, clarinet, small instruments
Lily Kiara: guitar, vocals
with guest
Felicity Provan: cornet, vocals

back to: On This Ground on new label Sibyl Sings

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23,24 November, Lily Kiara w. Rikard Borggard, Teater Giljotin, Stockholm, Sweden
5 November, Monday Match, w. Felicity Provan a.o., Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL
20, 21 October, Sit. Feast on your Life., dance solo for Titta Court, Tornio, Finland
18 October, solo music concert, cafe Minerva, Folkshogskola, Haaparanda, Sweden
2 October, solo Music Matinee, songs at Suensaaren Vanhainkoti, Tornio, Finland
15 July, Moving South, Body Navigation Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia
8 June, Moving South, European Women's Theatre Festival, Tornio, Finland
25 May, Moving South, Burgess Park, Vibrate Dance Festival, Athlone, Ireland
17 May, Songs & Poems, OT301, part of ALF, Amsterdam, NL
4 March, CROSSING, music and dance performance, zaal 100, Amsterdam, NL

16 February, Open Podium (songs), NL9, Amsterdam, NL

10,11 February: Speelwoord, Festival 2 Turven Hoog, Almere, NL
28 January: Songs & Poems, KHL Koffiehuis, Amsterdam, NL
26 January: COOL NIGHT FEVER, Music / Dance 301, OT301, Amsterdam, NL
21 January: the BOX, Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam, NL
8 January: Eng/aging, Suensaaren Vanhainkoti, Tornio, Lapland, Finland



project with composer/musician Rikard Borggard
2 weeks working together at Teater Giljotin in Stockholm, Sweden

performances 23, 24 November 2007, 19.00h.

Monday Match

A match of musicians and dancers
Curated this time by Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals) and Lily Kiara (dance)

with: Rozemarie Heggen (double bass), Alan Purves (drums, percussion), Bruno Listopad (dance), Sania Strimbakou (dance)

Monday 5 November, 20.30h. Entrance free
Bimhuis, Piet Heinkade, Amsterdam, NL


Sit. Feast on your Life.

Dance solo performed by Titta Court
Directed by Lily Kiara
Music by Pekka Ruth

20 October 19.00h and 21 October 15.00 & 19.00h.

Musiikkitalo Tornio, Finland


music concert, songs solo

18 October, 21 h. cafe Minerva, Folkshogskola, Haaparanda, Sweden



Music Matinee

solo songs at Suensaaren Vanhainkoti

2 October, 1.30 pm, Tornio, Finland

Moving South
Solo with dance, text and songs by Lily Kiara

Lights: Ellen Knops

25 May, 8 pm
Vibrate Dance Festival
Athlone, Ireland
Burgess Park, by the river Shannon

8 June
European Women’s Theatre Festival
Tornio, Finland
Cult Cinema / VPK, 15h.

15 July
Body Navigation Festival
St. Petersburg, Russia
Academy Theatre of Ballet of Yakobson Mayakovskaya

Songs & Poems
With new songs, new poems, new music
part of Amsterdam Literary Festival!

Michael Moore: clarinets; Felicity Provan: cornet, vocals; Julyen Hamilton: poems; Lily Kiara: guitar, vocals

Colin McLean: sound & lights

Thursday 17 May, 9 pm
OT 301
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

CROSSING music and dance performance

4 March, 4 pm
Zaal 100, in big room
De Wittenkade 100, Amsterdam

Richard Scott: buchla lightning midi conducting rods and electronic wizardry, Hilary Jeffrey: trombone, Bettina Neuhaus: dance, Lily Kiara: dance, Ellen Knops: lights


Open Podium, 8 performers
Incl. songs & POETRY by Lily Kiara

16 February, 20.00h.

NL 9
Nieuwe Looiersstraat 9
Tel :020-4218587 Amsterdam

Speelwoord as part of De Proeftuin

Solo with dance, words and lights:
Lily Kiara (dance, words) & Ellen Knops (lights)

Festival 2Turvenhoog
Schouwburg Almere & Kunstencentrum de Kunstlinie, Almere
10 February 13 and 15h.
11 February 14 and 16h.


sunday 28 January, 20.30h

KHL Koffiehuis, Amsterdam

Michael Moore (clarinet), Julyen Hamilton (poems),
Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals) and Rozemarie Heggen (double bass)


MUSIC/DANCE 301 mini-festival

26/27 January d oors open 21:00 / Late bar till 03:00 / Entry price 6 euros / 4 sets each night

OT301 -  Overtoom 301 -  Amsterdam

the BOX

Sunday 21 January, 20.30h.

Muiderpoorttheater, Amsterdam

Wilbert de Joode, Rozemarie Heggen: double bass
Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara: dance
Ellen Knops: lights



Residency at Viipola Tornio Residence House
Tornio, Lapland, Finland

Performances Monday 8 January 13.30 & 14.30h.
Suensaaren Vanhainkoti, Tornio

Dance: Titta Court, Kirsi Heimonen, Lily Kiara

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November 29: Bright & Brown, OT301, Amsterdam, NL
November 6: Monday Match, BIMhuis, Amsterdam, NL
October 26, 27: Moving South, Teatro Limonaia, Villa Montalvo, Italy

July 28: Moving South, Full Moon Dance Festival, Finland
July 18: Live Radio Play, Amsterdam FM, NL
June 24: TRACK, Danskunstcafé, Den Haag, NL
June 10, 11: Moving South, Festival Mooi Weer Spelen, Delft, NL
May 27, 28: Moving South, Festival Z-in-Motion, Helsinki, Finland
May 14: Songs & Poems, Theater Café De Ruimte, Amsterdam, NL
May 12,13: TALK TO ME, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL
April 15, 16: Moving South, Festival Motel Mozaique, TENT, Rotterdam, NL
March 28-31: Moving South, Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam, NL
February 13: The Meeting Point, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL
February 4: Songs & Poems, OT301, Amsterdam, NL
January 2: The Meeting Point, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

Bright & Brown

An evening with new collaborations:

A duet with Rozemarie Heggen (double bass) &Lily Kiara (dance)

A piece with Robert Steijn (movement, text) & Lily Kiara (dance)

followed by Rozemarie Heggen (bass) & Hilary Jeffrey (trombone)

lights: Ellen Knops

OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Wed. 29 November 21:00h.  entrance €5

Monday Match


6 November 20.30u, free entrance, Amsterdam

guest curated by Joost Buis and Lily Kiara

Performance with:
Terence J. Roe (actor), Violetta Perra (dance), Lily Kiara (dance), Joost Buis (trombone, lap steel guitar), Paul Pallesen (guitar, banjo) and Rozemarie Heggen (double bass)

lights: Jan Fedinger/Ellen Knops

Moving South

Solo with dance, text & songs
26, 27 October, Italy

As part of Shopwalk:

Teatro Limonaia di Villa Montalvo
Campi Bisenzio (Fi)

LIVE radio play

Amsterdam wordt wakker!
tuesday morning 18 july btw. 8-9 am

Amsterdam FM
106.8 FM
88.1 Kabel

also online!

Moving South

dance, text & songs: Lily Kiara

Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam
28-31 March

Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam
14,15 April
TENT, Witte de Withstraat 50

Zodiak, Helsinki, Finland
Festival Z-in-Motion
27,28 May

Festival Mooi Weer Spelen, Delft
10,11 June
van der Mandelezaal, Prinsenhofmuseum

Full Moon Festival, Finland
28 July




dance & text: lily kiara

24 June 7.45pm

DANSkunstcafé Den Haag

16-22 hrs.


Michael Moore (clarinet), Julyen Hamilton (poems),
Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals), Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals)


14 May, 7.30 pm

limited space! reservations necessary:


dance & text: Julyen Hamilton, Lily Kiara

12,13 May  8.30 pm

Theater De Brakke Grond
Nes, Amsterdam

reservations: ++31(0)20 6266 866

The Meeting Point

Bimhuis, Amsterdam

13 February  8.30 pm  

Music: Michael Moore (alt sax and clarinet), Eric McEnzie (electronics), Achim Kaufmann (Piano), Marcos Baggiani (drums)

Dance: Giorgio Convertito, Lily Kiara, Julyen Hamilton, Risa Takita

Lights: Ellen Knops




Michael Moore (clarinet), Julyen Hamilton (poems),
Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals), Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals)

lights: Ellen Knops, sound: Betty Baarda

4 February  9 pm

OT301 Amsterdam

The Meeting Point

Bimhuis Amsterdam

guest curating 2 January  8.30 pm

Music and Dance improvisation lab
every first Monday of the month.

Music: Wilbert de Joode (double bass), Joost Buis (trombone, lap steel), Felicity Provan (cornet, vocals)
Dance: Mat Voorter, Marek Isleib, Ailed Izurieta, Lily Kiara

Lights: Ellen Knops