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REVIEW CD celebration concert 13 January 2016 at OT301, Amsterdam  

(c) photos: Francesca Patella


Lily Kiara (guitar, vocals)
Michael Moore (clarinets, saxophone)
Felicity Provan (trumpet, vocals)
Michael Vatcher (drums, percussion)
Joost Buis (trombone, lap steel guitar)
Julyen Hamilton (poetry)

"The RIVER is exceptional. Because of the combination of music genres that mingle and at the same time also don't mingle, but mostly very harmoniously live besides each other so it feels as if they mingle." - Peter Bruyn in


In 2006 singer-songwriter Lily Kiara formed a band to bring together three of her big loves: folk pop songs, poetry and improvised music. The band's name, The RIVER, was inspired by one of the ‘Four Quartets’ poems by T.S. Eliot and it refers to the flow in which the concerts reveal themselves. It may seem an unlikely combination at first but you are invited into this stream of sound with its sometimes unexpected changes, coexistence and flow from one form to the other. Through bringing these three musical fields together, sometimes you are being drawn in deep until you suddenly realize you came around the bend unnoticed and find yourself in different waters. 

Video: Seamless at The SWIM SESSIONS in De Roode Bioscoop, by Harold Konickx


The RIVER plays both with the whole caboodle as well as in smaller constellations. The musicians meet each other fresh and new each time they perform. They create an atmosphere of some kind of bold intimacy, in the flow of the river of that particular night.


The RIVER played The SWIM SESSIONS and recorded the last of these concerts at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. From this recording the first cd was released later in 2015. The SWIM SESSIONS were supported by the AFK.

You can see a photo swIMpression here / The SWIM SESSIONS series