T h e R I V E R

acoustic folk/pop in a bold mix with poetry and improvised music

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'What You Saw' Lily Kiara Band : songs and poems from Julyen Hamilton on Vimeo

Click here for more clips in HD on Vimeo from the concert on 10 January 2010

The RIVER is a melange of a folk/pop singer/songwriter, an English poet and four ever innovative instrumentalists, who meet each other fresh and new each time they perform, in some kind of bold intimacy. The band started playing in 2006 and has since been playing sporadically both with the whole caboodle as well as in smaller constellations.

The initiative for The RIVER and this particular bringing together of sounds and approaches, was taken by singer/songwriter Lily Kiara, in 2006: “When I came to live in Amsterdam in 1989, I ‘grew up’ with listening to live gigs by these improvising musicians. During my years at the Theaterschool, they were playing live in classes and we made performances together. After several trips to the USA, I was inspired to perform more with my songs. The wish grew to play with these musicians, with this kind of exciting music. I wanted the songs to be heard in the wider context of this aliveness and the possibility of not knowing yet where they might be taken to. My love for poetry has always made it seem natural to me to include poems in a concert alongside the songs. Together it creates a poetic musical melange that I love being part of and am excited about as being both a musical and poetic experience. "

The songs range from describing the first experience of walking on a frozen sea to seeing the effects of colonialism, from new chances and breaking family patterns to amazement over a simple action as setting one foot in front of another. All written in an attempt to make sense and at the same time with a desire to let go of making sense. 
songs and poems wonder about and have compassion with what we see and what we may fail to see. The poems by English poet Julyen Hamilton are delivered with great musicality, intricate precision and an easy flowing playfulness. They leave you roaming around in places you had forgotten about or never thought of looking at in that way.

Lily Kiara: guitar, vocals, poetry

Michael Vatcher: percussion

Felicity Provan: cornet, trumpet, vocals

Michael Moore: clarinet, saxophone

Joost Buis: lap steel guitar, trombone

Julyen Hamilton: poetry

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